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Although cashmere is associated with luxury and elegance, its producers, goats, are not exactly graceful when it comes to the environment. The increasing global demand for the fiber adds fuel to the fire. Based on 2016 data, 65% of Mongolian rangeland is degraded and 7% of it has already desertified. A recent national study concluded that the carrying capacity of the pasture is greatly exceeded in many areas, and the overgrazing is a primary factor of rangeland degradation observed in Mongolia.

To support grassland regeneration in Mongolia, we established a company that offers wool products that are an eco-friendly alternative to cashmere and dedicates a part of its sales towards environmental projects while opting for sustainable supply chain.

Our mission

Good Wool Story is an advocate of slow fashion, where clothing is created with timeless design, high-quality craftsmanship, and ethical production. We strongly believe that clothing that is loved and cared for lasts longer in our wardrobes.

When people wear it, they care for themselves but also for society and the environment as a whole. Good Wool Story offers products of comfort and elegance that care for the planet and people by supporting projects that preserve the environment and empower the people at the very bottom of the supply chain.

Good Wool Story endeavors to be 360-degree socially responsible business by empowering people and protecting the nature.

Our supply chain

supply chain diagram of good wool story showing how the wool is bought directly from the nomads and how the end product is made and delivered to the end customer

Our support chain

 support chain diagram of good wool story showing how the end customer directly contributes towards regenerating the grassland in Mongolia and financially supporting the people at the bottom of the supply chain

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